Antique Fire Extinguisher – Common Types of Extinguishers

You should always check out on the type of fire extinguisher that you buy prior to making any purchase. This helps in informing the right buying decision that you can never live to regret. Generally, there are five main categories of fire extinguisher in the market today and that is what the article will discuss in length. The information contained herein will help you in choosing the best antique fire extinguisher for your needs satisfaction.

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There is class A which uses pressurized water for putting down a fire. A standard extinguisher under this category can hold up to two and a half gallons of water. Make sure that rule is observed because overloading the extinguisher can cause an explosion when least expected. This type o extinguisher is commonly use for putting out fires affecting wooden materials, clothes, papers and plastic materials where combustion is regular and common.

For class B extinguishers, they are suited to put out fires that are caused by oil or greases. Their suitability stems from the fact that they are stuffed with dry chemicals which are not heavy reactants with oils. Never try to fight oil-related fire using water because that accelerates its burning speed and that’s why this option works best under such circumstances. All extinguishers falling under this class must be heavily built and those lower than 2kilograms are not recommended for use.This is purely on safety grounds.

The class C of fire extinguishers is designed to work on fires caused by electrical faults and other electricity related issues. The extinguishers are made of carbon dioxide or halons which are the main contents of extinguishing fires that are employed under this class. It is very dangerous because it can eat up the ozone layer through emission of harmful gases thus should be used rarely and when necessary only. However, discoveries are in progress to come up with less depleting agents that can replace this one in the near past.

Class D fire extinguishers are used to put out fires that affect metallic parts that can easily react with water once they come into contact. They are common sight in big companies that deal with metal making but can equally be used in homes.There is no genuine reason to discriminate against anything whatsoever. The extinguisher produces a powdered material which acts by covering the burning parts which in turn inhibits further burning. It is one of the most effective types of extinguishers found in the market today.

The last type of antique fire extinguisher to look at is class K which you can have in your kitchen to combat small fires that break out during cooking. The extinguisher has a wet chemical which is well designed to handle any fire that comes out of cooking appliances, cooking oil and other burning agents in a kitchen setting. Most of these classes of fire extinguisher work separately but there are those that will require combination of one or more classes. Make sure you are aware of that before attempting anything strange.

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